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How to Check Whether Your Website is Listed on Google

If you own a website, be it an online store or a personal hobby site, you might often search on Google to check if your website appears in the search result. The truth is, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. So, how do you ensure that your website appears on the search result page? Here, we explain how you can check if your website appears on Google and how you can make your website appear on the search result page.

How to Check if Your Website is Listed on Google

To confirm if Google knows about your website or has indexed your website, you can type "site:" followed by your website address into the Google search bar. By typing "site:", you notify Google to display the search result that only includes your website's pages. If your website appears in the search result, it means that Google has already created an index and knows about your website.

What is an Index?

Google's index is an enormous database that contains the information of billions of web pages accessible through the World Wide Web. Google's bots, commonly referred to as spiders or crawlers, continuously scour the web, discovering new pages and updating existing ones.

Watch this explanatory video, which depicts how Google Search works:

Google Search Working Process

What to do if Your Website Does Not Appear in Google Search Result?

If you cannot find your website after typing "site:" followed by your website in the Google search bar, it could indicate that there is an issue with the crawling and indexing process. In such cases, you should submit your website map and URL to Google Search Console, a tool to manage your site's visibility on Google search.

Once you have verified your website, Google will recognize your site's existence, and you can check whether your website appears on the relevant search results page. For instance, if you own a T-shirt business and want to check whether your website appears on the search page for relevant queries such as "buy T-shirts online," "T-shirt stores near me," or "stylish shirts."


It is crucial to ensure that your website appears in Google's search results to attract traffic to your website and improve your site's visibility. By following the steps mentioned above and gaining a deeper understanding of Google Search Console and indexing, you can enhance your website's ranking and appear on the first page of relevant search results. Subscribe to the Google Webmaster channel to keep yourself updated with the latest knowledge and effectively manage your website.

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