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How to Check if Your Website is Visible on Google Search

If you have a website, whether it’s for running an online business or managing a hobby site, you would want to check if your website appears in Google search results. Sometimes, you might find that it is visible, but other times it's not. This raises the question, how can you ensure that your website is visible on Google search results?

Steps to Take:

  1. Check if Google recognizes your website

To check if Google recognizes your website, you can input your website's address after the "site:" command on Google Search. This command specifies that the search result should only show up for the particular website domain that you've entered. If your website appears in the search results, it means that Google recognizes it and some of its pages might be already indexed.

  1. Understanding what indexing means

Indexing refers to the process of Google's algorithm analyzing and storing web pages for search results. To understand better how Google search works and how it can help you index your website, you can watch a video explaining the workings of Google Search.

  1. Review what people see of your website in the search results

Take a close look at how your website appears in Google search results. Check if the given description is accurate and represents your website's content or services. This will help you know if your website is perfectly optimized for Google search results.

  1. Submit your website sitemap to Google Search Console

If your website doesn't appear in search results, it's possible that there's an indexing or crawling issue. To fix this, you can submit your website sitemap and URL to Google Search Console. Google Search Console is an online tool that helps you manage your online presence at Google Search, so make sure you add your website to this tool.

  1. Use the URL Inspection tool

You can also use the URL Inspection tool to test your website's URL. Using this tool, you can discover if Google can recognize the page and if no indexing issues are affecting it.

  1. Check your website's ranking using keywords

Once you are sure that Google recognizes your website, you can use specific keywords to check your website's position in search results. For instance, you can use keywords such as "buy t-shirts online" or "cool t-shirt designs" to check if your website appears in the relevant search results.

  1. Further information about Google Search Console and indexing

If you want to learn more about Google Search Console and indexing pages, stay tuned for the next episode or the official Google Webmasters channel. Make sure you subscribe to stay updated on the latest news and techniques.

By following these steps, you will have a better understanding of how Google Search works and how you can optimize your website to appear in search results.

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