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How to Become the Sexiest SEO on the Planet

If you Google "Sexiest man in Chiang Mai," you'll find that Matt Diggity, a renowned SEO expert, holds the top spot on both Google Images and the regular search results. Being number one on Google carries a certain level of prestige, and in this article, we will delve into how Matt Diggity achieved this triumph.

Taking the Top Spot on Google

In a quick video tutorial, Matt Diggity reveals the secrets behind his Google success. He explains that this wizardry can be accomplished in less than five days, allowing you to proudly flaunt your top ranking to your friends and colleagues.

But why stop at being the sexiest man in your city when you can aim higher? You can strive to become the sexiest SEO on the entire planet. With proper implementation of Matt Diggity's techniques, you can garner fame and recognition among SEO professionals worldwide.

The Power of Google Rankings

While the ability to manipulate Google rankings might seem like a playful endeavor, there are serious implications to consider. People tend to believe what they see on Google, making it essential to handle this power responsibly and ethically.

Matt Diggity shares an anecdote about a friend who ranked number one for the title of the best teacher in San Diego. While initially amusing, this tactic backfired when the friend's principal discovered the ranking. It serves as a reminder that using this technique carries risks, and it is crucial to proceed cautiously.

Image Rankings – Fun and Functional

Google image ranking goes beyond mere amusement; there are practical SEO applications as well. One such application is image outreach. By achieving high rankings for your images, other content creators are likely to use and include them in their own work. This creates an opportunity for collaboration, where you can request link credits to drive traffic back to your website.

Matt Diggity and his business partner Pete share an example of their successful image outreach campaign. They had professionally taken photos of themselves drawing equations on glass, similar to the iconic scene in the movie "The Social Network." With these images receiving widespread use across reputed websites like Bloomberg and Lifehack.org, they reached out to the site owners and requested proper image credits.

The Role of Ahrefs in SEO

Before diving deeper into the techniques, it's worth mentioning Ahrefs, an SEO tool widely used by professionals in the industry. Ahrefs not only provides comprehensive SEO insights but also offers a wealth of educational resources through their academy. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced SEO specialist, Ahrefs can be an invaluable resource for improving your website's ranking and enhancing your SEO knowledge.

Unleashing the Power of Google Images

Apart from image outreach, leveraging Google Images can be a source of passive traffic for your website. When users search for specific items, such as retro Nike Air Jordan sneakers in pink, the top-ranked image can significantly impact their purchasing decisions. By capturing the number one spot and enticing users with your image, you can drive potential customers to click on the link and make a purchase.

Implementing the Google Image Ranking Technique

To achieve success with Google image rankings, Matt Diggity outlines a step-by-step approach:

  1. Choose your target keyword carefully. Whether you aim to attract traffic to your health blog or have a playful prank in mind, selecting the right keyword is paramount.

  2. Select the image you want to rank. It is not essential for the image to directly match the search intent, particularly for non-competitive searches.

  3. Rename the file with the exact keyword you want to rank for.

  4. Uploading the image to your website and including the keyword in the alt tag helps improve search engine optimization.

  5. Share the image on multiple image sharing sites. Utilize platforms such as Tumblr, Pinterest, and Shutterfly to increase the exposure and visibility of your image.

  6. Monitor your results. Over time, you will notice your website or the image sharing sites climbing the ranks, potentially even landing in the coveted featured snippet.

If you encounter difficulty and struggle to achieve the desired top ranking, Matt Diggity recommends seeking additional assistance in the form of RankClub's tier two PPN links. These links can provide an extra boost to your rankings and enhance the visibility of your image.


While the ability to manipulate Google image rankings can be entertaining, it is vital to approach this tactic responsibly and ethically. Matt Diggity's techniques offer a pathway to success in gaining visibility, attracting traffic, and establishing collaborations. By mastering the art of Google image rankings, you can catapult yourself to the top of the SEO world and become the sexiest SEO on the planet.

Remember, SEO can be both fun and powerful, but always exercise caution and make sure to adhere to ethical practices. Now, armed with these techniques, go forth and enjoy the rewards of your newfound SEO prowess!

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