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How to Add and Customize a WooCommerce Cart in the Menu using Elementor

If you have a WordPress eCommerce website and want to enable a mini cart in your menu for customers to easily add and remove products, go to checkout, and see the total price, this tutorial is for you. Using Elementor, you can customize this feature according to your preferences and create a visually appealing cart that stands out in your website menu.


Before you begin, you would need:

  • A WordPress eCommerce website
  • WooCommerce Installed and Active
  • Elementor Pro Installed and Active

Step by Step Guide

  1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Open Elementor and create your website header with a menu icon.
  3. Edit the header with Elementor by clicking "Edit with Elementor" and choosing 'Header."
  4. Remove any existing widgets in the header.
  5. Search for "Cart" in the side menu, and drag the "Menu Cart" widget.
  6. You should see the "Menu Cart" with the total pricing, but it may not look like the final version yet.
  7. To customize the cart, click on it and go to the "Content" tab.
  8. Choose the card type which can be "Side Cart" or "Mini Cart."
  9. Open the card with a Click or Hover and enable "Automatically Open Cart" so it will display when a product is added to the cart.
  10. Choose to enable or disable the quantity count and the subtotal display.
  11. Edit the buttons to show "View Cart," "Checkout," or both.
  12. Enable or disable the "Add to Card" button.
  13. Toggle with the "Automatically Update Cart" setting so customers can add items to the cart without refreshing the page.
  14. Go to the "Style" tab and change the design of the cart icons and buttons.
  15. Customize the Item Indicator, choose the Font, Icon Size, and Color.
  16. Change the background color of the Cart and add a border or shadow effect.
  17. Edit the "Close Card" icon, Position, and Size.
  18. Style the product list and "Divider" with the typography, color, and layout.
  19. Design the "remove items" icon, typography, and color.
  20. Customize the product pricing, quantity, and typography.
  21. Edit the Check Out, View Cart, and Add to Cart Buttons with border radius, color, typography, and style.
  22. Finalize all your changes and update your website.


By following this tutorial, you can add and customize your WooCommerce cart in the menu, allowing customers to easily navigate and purchase products on your website. With Elementor's powerful features, you can design a unique, visually appealing cart that matches your brand's look and feel. Stay up to date with new design trends and optimize your eCommerce store with these easy-to-follow tips.

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