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How Much Does YouTube Pay Me for 5,000 Subscribers?

As a content creator on YouTube, one of the most commonly asked questions is how much money a YouTuber earns from their channel. In this article, we'll take a closer look at how much money a small YouTuber with 5,000 subscribers can earn, and how it's calculated.


The amount of money earned on YouTube is largely based on the number of views and engagement generated by the videos posted on the channel. A YouTuber is paid based on the number of views an ad receives while being played on the videos. Therefore, the key to earning a steady income on YouTube is to generate more views and engagement on every video.

Revenue and Analytics

In this video, the YouTuber shared their analytics and revenue earned within the last 28 days. On their channel, they have 5,000 subscribers and generated 53,000 views with 1700 hours of watch time in the last 28 days. The channel gained 200 subscribers during this period and generated $322.47 in revenue.

Analyzing the Revenue

The revenue on a daily basis for the channel was approximately 1,300 views with a range of $7 to $9 daily. However, the channel experienced a surge of 2,000, 2,647, and 7,500 views with revenue of $36.97, $50, and $70 respectively on these days.

Furthermore, the YouTuber disclosed that their videos relating to Dogecoin received the most views. There was a high demand for Dogecoin-related content due to its hype in the market. The YouTuber generated most of their revenue from these videos due to the high demand for the topic.

Calculating Income

The YouTuber expressed their goal of making $6,000 monthly from all their channels and affiliate links, and stock-related videos. This could lead to them being a full-time YouTuber. They shared their monthly revenue from November to April, with the income gradually increasing from $166 to $349. The YouTuber was optimistic in breaking their past revenue of $300 in the coming months through consistent content creation.

Top Earning Videos

The YouTuber disclosed their top-earning videos, which gave insights into what kind of content performed well on their channel. Amongst their top-earning videos was “How to Withdraw Money from Coinbase,” which earned them $106 for a 28-day period. "How to Buy Dogecoin on Binance" earned them $60, while "How to Buy Dogecoin on Robinhood" earned them $25. These videos gave the YouTuber ideas for creating more tutorials around these topics to increase revenue on the channel.


In conclusion, this article provided a glimpse of how much money a small YouTuber with 5,000 subscribers can earn through advertising revenue. It is a gradual process that can increase through consistency and providing quality content that generates more views and engagement. Generating more views and engagement is achievable by creating engaging content that resonates with the target audience.

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