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From Bow Ties to Seven Figures: Shane Dutka's Journey to Success

Shane Dutka, a former accountant, has had quite the journey from his traditional low-risk lifestyle to becoming a successful digital entrepreneur. His initial online business in the bow tie industry led to a wasted $30,000 on inventory he never sold and a website he never used. However, his journey took a turn when he came across Gael and Mark's methodology and teachings from Authority Hacker.

Doubling Down and Following the Method

Shane bought Thought Hacker Pro plus Tasks and began following Gael and Mark's methodology, putting previously minimal knowledge in basic SEO on steroids. He pivoted to a home and garden niche blog, which allowed him to flourish, following exactly what Authority Hacker advised.

He concentrated on content and continuously linked his articles after a year, resulting in a snowball effect that launched his blog over the $1,000 per month mark in passive income. Though cautious about risk, Shane's life began to change in ways he couldn't have imagined. He transitioned from being an accountant to a digital entrepreneur, and he started to carry himself differently at work.

Augmenting and Cross-Selling

September 2018 was another game-changer, and Shane began to experience tremendous growth because he followed Gael and Mark's advice to a tee. He hired Convertica to augment and CRO his site, which doubled his income through affiliate links. Using the same strategies over and over, his site started to explode through January 2019.

The Formula That Works

Shane's site was generating more than $50,000 per month, resulting in him quitting his job in March 2019. Shane then decided to sell his site in June 2019, feeling the work he had done was ready to move on. He began redeploying his cash and system into other sites, following the formula that works.

Shane's inspiring story sets him as an example for those who are unsure if they should try Authority Hacker's system. His story proves that once you put the work into the right things, little incremental improvements can result in significant progress. By following Authority Hacker's methodology, anyone can turn their life around, just like Shane.


From wasting thousands of dollars to making seven figures, Shane's story proves anyone with drive, focus, and an entrepreneurial spirit can succeed in the digital world. Authority Hacker's methodologies are a perfect system for those willing to follow them and make necessary alterations specific to their business needs.

Shane's story is proof that Authority Hacker's methodology works, and their community is an asset to most individuals. By following what works, Shane was able to see his business explode through incremental changes. Whether you're an accountant or a risk-taker, Authority Hacker can help your business blossom.

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