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Fixing a Slightly Off Vertical Divider in a Markdown Editor

In this article, we'll look at a common issue in web development: a vertical divider that is slightly off. We'll walk you through the steps to quickly fix it.

The Problem

Our vertical divider is going down just a little bit too far. To fix this, we'll first need to find the element in question using an element inspector.

Finding the Element

We'll locate the element that is causing the problem by finding the UL element inside the toolbar. It turns out that there is a conflict between Bulma and CSS included in the markdown editor.

Identifying the Issue

Upon scrolling down, we'll eventually find a selector of body, which has a line height property of 1.5. This 1.5 is causing the UL to be slightly too tall, resulting in the vertical divide being pushed down a few pixels.

Fixing the Issue

To resolve the issue, we'll need to change the line height property of the UL element manually. We can do this by applying a line height of 1.0.


Upon refreshing the page, we can see that our vertical divider is fixed perfectly.

Additional Styling

Now that we've fixed the main issue, our last task is to restyle the drag bar to match other drag bars in our code cell component.

With this fix, our markdown editor should now be fully functional and looking great.

In conclusion, CSS conflicts can cause small yet frustrating problems in web development. However, with a bit of troubleshooting and some simple code adjustments, like we've outlined in this article, these problems can be easily solved.

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