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Five Tactics for Landing Fast SEO Results

Whether you're an agency, in-house SEO, or a consultant, there's always going to be pressure to get quick wins with SEO. These wins can help you secure management buy-in and get more budget. In this article, we will discuss five tactics that you can use to land fast SEO results, whether you're working on a new or an established website. We will walk through some working examples and share a handful of templates so that you can take this training and immediately apply them in your business.

Using SEMrush to Steal Featured Snippets

Stealing featured snippets for keywords that you already have ranking on the first page of Google is one of the fastest ways to increase organic traffic. A study conducted by Authority Hacker found that 20% of non-brand keywords with over a thousand monthly searches generated a featured snippet result. They also found that the majority of the featured snippets were captured by articles that were ranking in the top three organic positions. As a result, you're going to have the greatest opportunity of stealing featured snippets for keywords that you already have ranking in the top 10 search results with the greatest likelihood for those keywords that you already have in the top three positions.

Here's how you can find these quick win featured snippet opportunities using SEMrush:

  1. Head over to SEMrush and go to the SEO toolkit organic research report.
  2. Drop in your domain and navigate over to the positions tab.
  3. Apply a top three position filter.
  4. Open up the box for assert features.
  5. Come down and select the featured snippet box.
  6. Apply additional filters to trim down your list further.
  7. Analyze the opportunities and optimize the content.

Moving Keywords from Page Two and Beyond to the Top Organic Positions

Another effective strategy for landing quick SEO wins is to identify all the keywords that your website is already ranking on the bottom of page one on top of page two that you could quickly move into the top five or three organic positions.

Here's how you can do this manually inside of SEMrush:

  1. Enter your domain into the SEO toolkit organic research report.
  2. Come over to the positions tab and set a custom position range to all those keywords ranking in position 4 to 15.
  3. Set additional filters to only look at specific intent or URL subfolders.
  4. Analyze the opportunities and optimize the content.

If you have a large website, you can use a template to organize and surface the best immediate opportunities. This template will do a lot of the tedious or manual data cleanup for you. You can download this template using the link in the description below this video.

Other Tactics to Consider

Here are some other tactics to consider when trying to land fast SEO results:

  • Analyze your competitors' backlinks using tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs and find quick link-building opportunities.
  • Optimize your website's images and alt tags to improve load times and boost organic traffic.
  • Create valuable evergreen content around high-volume keywords with low competition.
  • Use internal linking to distribute link equity and boost the authority of specific pages.
  • Implement technical SEO fixes to improve website structure and enhance user experience.

Quick SEO Tips for Your Website

When it comes to optimizing your website for search engines, there are several things you can do. Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  1. Use content editor tools: Utilize tools like Surface Content Editor or the SEMrush On-page SEO Checker to analyze your existing copy. These tools provide actionable recommendations that you can use to strengthen your content's semantic keywords and internal linking opportunities. Additionally, you can improve formatting readability by leveraging images and using heading hierarchy.

  2. Address keyword cannibalization: Keyword cannibalization occurs when multiple pages on your website compete for the same keywords, potentially hurting your rank potential. You can use manual processes like Site:domain.com or a free template to uncover any potential cannibalization issues. Once you've identified the problem areas, consider the following actions:

    • Merge duplicate pages: If you have multiple pages offering unique values and competing for the same keyword, merge the content into one canonical higher-ranking page and add a 301 redirect from the merged asset to the new canonical page.

    • Consolidate link equity: If the lower-ranking page offers no unique value but has quality links pointing to it, consider adding a 301 redirect pointing to the higher-ranking page so that you can consolidate any link equity from that second page into the top one, giving it a ranking bump.

    • Remove redundant pages: If you have any competing pages that offer no unique value and have no links pointing to them, consider removing them from your site or let them 404 or 410 out of the index.

  3. Analyze competitor keywords: Another way to find high-intent keyword opportunities is to analyze your competitors' keywords at the subfolder level. This can help you focus on only the most valuable keywords for your specific business or site monetization strategy.

To dive deeper into these topics, check out the Quick Wins Playbook or Module in my training program, The SEO Playbook. Additionally, several linked videos below go into greater detail for various business types and industries. With these tips, you can start optimizing your website and improve your visibility in search engine results.

Maximizing Monetization Opportunities through Keyword Analysis

When it comes to monetizing your website, conducting thorough keyword analysis is crucial. By analyzing specific subfolders of high-traffic websites that feature review and best-of listicles, such as Wirecutter, you can find relevant keywords that have commercial intent. This step will help you filter out irrelevant keywords, so you can focus on the most valuable opportunities for your affiliate-based website.

Analyzing Coffee-Related Review Keywords

If your website is geared towards coffee, for instance, it makes sense to narrow your search further to coffee-related keywords. Utilize additional filters that drill down to only those affiliate-based, review-based coffee terms. Exclude any traffic for the Wirecutter brand that may skew your results. It may seem like a tedious task, but doing so can make a significant difference in narrowing down useful keywords. From hundreds of thousands or even millions of keywords, you may end up with a targeted list of 914 coffee-related keywords that you can potentially use to boost your website's rank.

Finding Relevant Opportunities for a Beard Products E-commerce Store

Similarly, if you own a beard products e-commerce store, you might want to look at the products URL folder of a large industry competitor like BeardBrand. By analyzing this folder, you can figure out their existing keywords that rank in the top 20 positions, and have some level of commercial intent for this business. Analyzing your competitor's keywords can give you an edge in identifying what works and what doesn't in your industry. You can use this information to identify new opportunities quickly and capitalize on them.

Building High-Quality Internal Links

Link building from relevant, highly linked URLs is one of the fastest ways to get new content to move up in ranking and to improve existing content's visibility. Semrush allows you to find high power internal link opportunities quickly. For instance, using the backlinks analytics tool, you can identify pages with the most referring domains, which are typically the ones with the most authority. Adding relevant, high-authority internal links from these pages to your new or existing content can channel more link Equity into your most important assets.

By using these tactics, you can build a solid foundation that will help maximize monetization opportunities for your website. With diligent keyword research, targeted analysis, and appropriate link building, you'll be on your way to achieving optimal results for your business.Landing quick seo wins is possible, and these five tactics can help you achieve them. however, it's important to remember that seo is a long-term game. to see sustainable results, you'll need to implement a robust seo strategy and make continuous improvements.

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