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First Case Study on Glikotril Offer for Diabetics in Poland with a 110% ROI

Glikotril is a specialized product for people suffering from diabetes. It helps in reducing insulin resistance and managing blood sugar levels. The product has gained popularity over the years and finding new markets for it has become a challenge. In this case study, we analyze the successful marketing campaign for Glikotril in Poland with a 110% return on investment (ROI).

The Offer Details

  • Offer: Glikotril (for diabetics)
  • Target Market: Poland
  • Payout: $22
  • Campaign Cost: $3,870
  • Earnings: $8,136
  • Profit: $4,266
  • Period: Not Specified

The Creatives

The creatives for this campaign were simple and effective. The team used static images that have worked well in the past for similar campaigns. The images were taken from the landing pages that have shown great engagement rates in the CIS countries. The images were translated into the Polish language, and for some of them, a roulette game was added to enhance engagement.

The Landing Pages

The landing pages were designed to be concise and informative. The team used a few phrases from successful landing pages in CIS countries. The landing pages were targeted towards the Polish audience, and it was ensured that they were designed to attract the audience effectively. The team added images of the product being used by people to add trust and authenticity to the campaign.

The Results

The results of this campaign were astounding. The campaign cost was $3,870, and the earnings were $8,136. The profit of this campaign was $4,266, which is a 110% return on investment.


This case study emphasizes the importance of finding new markets for a product. The creative team used proven strategies from successful campaigns to design a new marketing campaign that was effective in Poland. The campaign resulted in a 110% ROI, which shows the effectiveness of the team's approach. The key takeaway from this study is that market research and an effective approach can help in finding new markets and achieve success.

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