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Exploring the Power of Chat GPT with Tables

In this article, we will dive into the exciting possibilities that Chat GPT offers when it comes to creating and utilizing tables. With just a few prompts, Chat GPT can generate tables with valuable information that we can use as content creators. Let's explore some of the ways we can leverage these tables in our work.

Generating Tables with Chat GPT

One fascinating discovery I made while experimenting with Chat GPT was its ability to generate tables. To illustrate this, I decided to test it out on my real estate website. I asked Chat GPT to provide me with a list of neighborhoods in Summerlin, a master plan community in Las Vegas. To my amazement, Chat GPT not only gave me the list but also allowed me to organize it into a table format.

Incorporating Tables into Our Content

The output provided by Chat GPT was so impressive that I decided to incorporate the generated table into my WordPress blog. By doing so, the table seamlessly became part of the blog's content. This discovery opened up many possibilities for content creators. Let's explore some of the ways we can leverage these tables in our work:

  1. Neighborhoods in Summerlin: By requesting a list of neighborhoods in Summerlin, you can obtain valuable information about the different communities within the area. The table can include columns for neighborhood names and their corresponding features, such as golf courses, fitness centers, or age restrictions, among others.

    • The Ridges: Known for luxury homes, featuring the Jack Nicklaus Bears best Las Vegas golf course and the club ridges' private Fitness Center.
    • Red Rock Country Club: Offers stunning golf courses.
    • Sienna: An age-restricted 55+ Community offering a golf course, fitness center, and indoor/outdoor pools.
    • The Paseos: A village with unique features.
    • Summerlin Center: A central location within Summerlin.
    • The Cliffs: An elegant neighborhood.
    • Reverence: A new community in Summerlin.
  2. Creating Mobile-Friendly Tables: When working with Chat GPT and tables, it's essential to consider the readability on mobile devices. Too many columns can make the table appear clunky. However, with plugins like TablePress for WordPress or Google Sheets, you can easily copy the table generated by Chat GPT and transform it into a mobile-friendly format.

  3. Expanding to Other Niche Areas: The table generation capabilities of Chat GPT extend beyond real estate. For example, if you're in a different niche, like pet-friendly neighborhoods, you can leverage Chat GPT to create a list of neighborhoods known for being dog-friendly. This way, you can provide valuable information to your readers interested in such specific topics.

Leveraging Ongoing Developments

While Chat GPT has remarkable capabilities, it is essential to note that its internet plugin might be disabled or limited at times. However, various alternatives can still provide access to web data. For example, you can explore tools like "Sidebar," powered by Chat GPT, which allows web access and table generation. By using this tool, you can easily create tables with up-to-date information from the web.

Creating Structured Lists and Tables for Affiliate Programs

As an affiliate marketer, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the various affiliate programs available, especially within specific niches. However, sometimes it can be challenging to obtain accurate and organized information. In this article, we will explore a tool that simplifies this process and allows you to create structured lists and tables for affiliate programs.

Utilizing a Web-Based Tool

One such tool that simplifies the process of gathering information about affiliate programs is a web-based platform called "SideCider." This platform allows you to generate lists and tables of affiliate programs in any given niche with ease. Let's take a closer look at how it works.

  1. Starting with the Health and Fitness Niche:

    To demonstrate the functionality of SideCider, we will use the example of the Health and Fitness niche. Initially, we tried generating a list by including the generic term "affiliate program brands." However, SideCider did not entirely fulfill our requirements as it often included affiliate networks like ClickBank instead of specific affiliate programs.

    • Title: List of Affiliate Programs in the Health and Fitness Niche

    • List Format: Column

    • Table Format: Including a column specifying the Affiliate Network

    Despite some initial limitations, the platform still provided valuable information by indicating the sources from which it pulled the data. However, it is worth mentioning that this issue was resolved by disabling web access.

  2. Narrowing down Affiliate Programs:

    To specify the desired affiliate programs further, we decided to focus solely on those offered within the CJ Affiliate Network. By doing so, SideCider could generate a more accurate list, consisting entirely of CJ Affiliate programs. This example highlights how easy it is to create tables using this tool.

    • Title: List of Affiliate Programs in the Health and Fitness Niche Within the CJ Affiliate Network

    • List Format: Column

    • Table Format: Including a column specifying the Affiliate Network (CJ Affiliate)

Exploring Key Differences between Ezoic and Monumetric

Another common need for bloggers and publishers is to compare different ad optimization services to find the perfect fit for their content. In this example, we will focus on the key differences between Ezoic and Monumetric, two renowned ad optimization platforms.

  1. Creating a Table of Key Differences:

    To present the differences clearly, we can utilize SideCider to generate a comprehensive table.

    • Title: Key Differences between Ezoic and Monumetric for Bloggers and Publishers

    • Format: Table

    The resulting table effectively outlines the differences between Ezoic and Monumetric, including features, pricing models, and approaches to ad optimization. However, keep in mind that if web access is disabled, the information retrieved is limited to what was available until September 2021.

Enhanced Functionality with ChatGPT Integration

SideCider also offers compatibility with ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot. This feature enables you to copy and feed the table information into ChatGPT, enabling even greater flexibility and automation in creating tables.

By utilizing SideCider's user-friendly interface and combining it with ChatGPT, you can quickly create informative and visually appealing tables for a wide range of topics.

InThe ability of chat gpt to generate tables opens up a new world of possibilities for content creators. from organizing neighborhood features to highlighting affiliate programs, chat gpt provides a powerful tool to enhance our content. whether you're a real estate agent, blogger, or affiliate marketer, integrating tables into your work can add value and enhance the user experience. so why not leverage the power of chat gpt and take your content creation to the next level?
, SideCider proves to be an invaluable tool for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and publishers by simplifying the process of generating structured lists and tables for affiliate programs and comparative analyses. Enhance your productivity and efficiency in creating compelling content with SideCider's powerful features.

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