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Exploring the New Chat GPT Update: Web Browsing Capabilities for SEO

In this article, we will delve into the exciting new update of Chat GPT, which now includes web browsing capabilities. We'll explore how this feature can assist us in our search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, and discuss seven SEO use cases that can benefit from this update. So, let's dive right in!

Upgrade to Chat GPT4

To utilize the web browsing capabilities of Chat GPT, we must first upgrade to Chat GPT4. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the free version. Once the upgrade is complete, select Chat GPT4 and click on the browse button.

SEO Use Case 1: Analyzing Competitors

Let's test out the first SEO prompt: "Analyze the first 10 competitors for [insert your keyword] and create an SEO strategy to outrank them." For example, let's use "on-page SEO" as our keyword. By utilizing this prompt, we can examine the type of content our rivals are using for this keyword and expect Chat GPT to provide an effective strategy to produce superior content.

When analyzing the competitors, Chat GPT notes that it requires additional time to analyze the rest of the competition and asks for our permission to proceed. Once completed, it suggests a strategy to surpass them. By asking it to continue, we can gain further insights gleaned from our competitors and request it to formulate an SEO strategy for us. This way, we can create superior content to outperform our competitors.

Key Takeaway: Our competitors mainly focus on on-page SEO. To gain an edge, we should expand our content to include related topics such as mobile SEO, voice search optimization, and similar areas. Additionally, targeting long-tail keywords can be more effective due to the intense competition surrounding short-tail keywords.

SEO Use Case 2: Extracting Heading Tags

Another useful prompt is to extract the heading tags from the first 10 competitors on the web for [insert your keyword]. Using the same example of "on-page SEO," this prompt allows us to get an idea of the topics covered by our competitors and use them as inspiration to create our article structure for that keyword.

Although the extraction may not be perfect in the beta version, Chat GPT provides the headings from the first competitor and asks us to continue. It may sometimes give us confusing results, but we can expect improvements in future updates.

SEO Use Case 3: Summarizing Recent News

To keep our blog up to date or feed our interest in a specific topic, we can use the prompt "Summarize the news of the last week about [insert topic here]." For example, we can request the latest news in the field of SEO for the previous week. This prompt can be adjusted to fetch news for longer durations, such as a month or a year.

By utilizing this prompt, we receive a summary of the news from the previous week, enabling us to stay informed and incorporate the latest updates into our SEO efforts.

SEO Use Case 4: Identifying Guest Posting Opportunities

For link building purposes, we can leverage the prompt "Identify websites that accept guest posting for [insert the industry]." It provides us with a list of websites that have a blog and accept guest postings. This way, we can create articles for them and incorporate a link to our own website, related to the topic at hand.

The list generated by Chat GPT includes the topics that these websites are most interested in, assisting us in finding suitable platforms for guest posting.

SEO Use Case 5: Generating Outreach Emails

Once we have identified websites that accept guest postings, we can prompt Chat GPT to generate an outreach email that we can use to approach these websites. By framing the prompt as "Write an outreach email to ask to publish my content and insert the link of your content," we can personalize the email and increase the chances of successful outreach.

Using the generated email, we can effectively communicate our desire to contribute to their website, including a link to our relevant content.

SEO Use Case 6: Checking Website Rankings

To monitor our website or client's rankings for specific keywords, we can use the prompt "Check the ranking of a website for a specific keyword: [insert website] ranking for [insert keyword]." This prompt provides valuable insights about keyword rankings and even displays the precise position.

By utilizing this prompt, we can ensure that our SEO efforts are leading to improved rankings for our targeted keywords.

SEO Use Case 7: Exploring New SEO Tools

In the ever-evolving field of SEO, staying updated with the latest tools is essential. We can prompt Chat GPT to show us the newest SEO tools released this year. By reviewing these tools, we can assess their potential value for our SEO practices or consider purchasing them.

The prompt showcases various interesting SEO tools released this year, opening up possibilities for enhanced SEO strategies.

The Benefit of Chat GPT's Web Browsing Capabilities

The addition of web browsing capabilities to Chat GPT can be extremely beneficial for SEO professionals. This update empowers users to gather competitive insights, analyze competitors' content strategies, stay updated with the latest news, identify guest posting opportunities, generate outreach emails, monitor website rankings, and explore new SEO tools.

As Chat GPT continues to improve in future updates, its web browsing capabilities will become more refined and accurate, delivering even greater value to SEO practitioners.

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The field of SEO is rapidly evolving, and staying updated is crucial. With the advent of AI and the ever-changing Google algorithm, tools like Chat GPT with web browsing capabilities can be immensely helpful. We eagerly anticipate the continuous improvement and advancement of this feature in future updates.

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