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Exploring the Business Opportunities for Matterport Service Providers

The Matterport service providers, who offer immersive 3D tours and experiences using the Matterport platform, have a lot to be excited about with the introduction of Apple Vision Pro. This new technology opens up a new avenue for business opportunities with both existing and potential clients. However, the exact use cases and potential benefits are yet to be fully explored.

Experimentation is Key

According to Paulo, who works closely with several large clients, the future of Matterport combined with Apple Vision Pro is still uncertain. He believes that there will be a need for experimentation to determine which use cases will be successful and which will be ineffective. It is difficult to predict which approaches will be favored by corporate clients or what will be the low-hanging fruit for the business.

Visualizing Information in Spatial Settings

One potential application of the Matterport and Apple Vision Pro combination is visualizing information or creating immersive storytelling experiences in a spatial setting. By incorporating Matterport's virtual tours, it is possible to create a virtual environment where data or information is presented in a more engaging and impactful manner. However, the challenge lies in determining the best approach to achieve this result.

The Potential of Meshing Apple APIs with Matterport

Another possibility is leveraging Apple APIs to scan floor plans and mesh them seamlessly with Matterport. This integration could offer a unique way to combine two distinct technologies and create a compelling user experience. With the availability of multiple iOS apps from the onset, there will be different opportunities to explore. However, some apps may be more relevant than others, and it will be crucial to identify the ones that align with the specific needs of clients.

Exploring the Limitations of Existing Apps

While the possibilities are exciting, it is essential to consider the limitations of existing apps, such as Word or Excel, when incorporating them into the immersive experience. The cohesiveness of the overall experience should be carefully evaluated to ensure that these apps enhance the storytelling rather than detracting from it. It is difficult to anticipate the exact preferences of the clients and whether they would find apps like spreadsheets beneficial in conjunction with Matterport.

An Example Scenario

In order to better understand the practical application of Matterport with Apple Vision Pro, let's explore a hypothetical scenario. Imagine having a spreadsheet with a variety of locations that need to be visualized. By clicking on a link, the user can seamlessly transition from the spreadsheet to a Matterport virtual tour of the corresponding location. This immersive experience provides a more comprehensive understanding of the space, allowing the user to navigate and explore. Upon returning to the spreadsheet, the user can seamlessly continue working, enhancing their productivity by eliminating the need to switch devices.

Learning from Past Experience

Interestingly, the concept of seamlessly integrating VR experiences with Matterport is not entirely new. In the past, Matterport had a feature called the VR Collection, which allowed users to view pre-loaded virtual spaces by scanning a QR code using Google Cardboard or similar devices. This feature was not widely adopted, but it serves as a valuable lesson for Matterport service providers. By leveraging the existing knowledge and experience gained from past endeavors, providers can refine their strategies and optimize the use of Apple Vision Pro in conjunction with Matterport.

By exploring the possibilities and experimenting with different approaches, Matterport service providers can unlock the full potential of Apple Vision Pro. The collaboration between Matterport and Apple has the potential to revolutionize the way information is presented in virtual environments, providing a truly immersive and engaging experience for users. The future looks promising, and it is up to service providers to navigate this new frontier and cultivate new business opportunities.

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