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Exploring New Casino Games on the Gaming Floor

As avid casino gamers, there is nothing more thrilling than discovering new and exciting games on the gaming floor. In this article, we will be sharing our experience trying out the Egyptian Lake game and our search for other newly introduced games.

Here is a breakdown of our experience with the Egyptian Lake game:

  • We started our game with a thousand dollars and a 10 cent denominational bet of nine dollars.
  • The Egyptian Lake is a linked game with its own major jackpot. The jackpot prize varies from game to game, with this game having the biggest one at $13,850.
  • We noticed that all the other linked games on the floor had jackpots ranging from 800 to 900 dollars.
  • We found that the game was all about the bonus, and we were hoping to hit it as the money is clearly in the bonus.
  • We tried a new rapid fire jackpot in hopes of hitting the bonus, but unfortunately, we did not have any luck.
  • The game features three pots on top of the screen: recovery jackpot, renewal, and bonus.
  • We only managed to hit a single bonus during our gameplay, and it gave us six free games.
  • Although we were down $300, we were determined to hit the bonus as that was where we felt the real money was.
  • Our persistence paid off as we hit a bonus and won a dollar bonus prize, a significant win for us.
  • We ended our gameplay, eager to explore other exciting games on the floor.

Aside from the Egyptian Lake game, we also tried out A Little Shop of Horrors, the director's cut game, with a 15 dollar bet or 10 cent denomination. Here's what we experienced with this game:

  • The game has several bonuses and jackpots, with full screen of any character giving you a jackpot prize ranging from $250 to $638,000.
  • We found that the game loves to feature in jackpots, but we still failed to hit them despite trying out rapid fires and changing up our timing.
  • Although we did not hit the grand prize, we managed to win a sizable sum of $120 from playing this game.
  • We had a hilarious moment when the screen was too far, and we struggled to reach it, but we managed to have fun with it. Raymond eventually helped us out and found the bonus.
  • We were also intrigued by the jackpots shown on the screen, with three of them stuck, and we wondered if they were maxed out or just not growing.

In conclusion, exploring new games on the gaming floor can be an exciting and thrilling experience. Although we did not have the best of luck with some games, we still had fun trying them out and hope to come across more exciting games in the future.

Trying Our Luck: Dream Wheel and Planet Moolah

During our gambling session, we came across two exciting slot games - Dream Wheel and Planet Moolah. Despite a slow start, we managed to hit a big win in Dream Wheel and decided to give it another shot. Meanwhile, we decided to try Planet Moolah as well.

Dream Wheel

In Dream Wheel, we started with a few low-value spins but gradually increased our bet to 30 per spin hoping for a bonus. Getting the bonus was not easy, but after some patience, we finally got it and hit a big win of 1700 Progressive. We were thrilled and played a few more backup spins, which paid off well too. However, the real excitement came when we hit the Dream Wheel bonus round. The Dream Wheel bonus round is one of the most sought-after features in the game, and we had never managed to get it before. This time, we were lucky and hit the Dream Wheel twice, resulting in extra spins and big wins. The Dream Wheel bonus round is particularly lucrative as it offers a chance to win up to 40,000 dollars.

Planet Moolah

In Planet Moolah, we had to hit four line hits in a row to trigger the bonus round. The game has several bonus features, including re-triggers and expanding wilds. We started with a bet of 18.75 per spin, the highest possible bet in the game. At first, we experienced several dead spins, but soon we started hitting line hits and built our way towards the bonus round. Unfortunately, we could not trigger the bonus round this time, but we had an exciting time playing the game.


Overall, we had an excellent time playing Dream Wheel and Planet Moolah. Both games offer unique features and experiences, making them worth a try. Dream Wheel's Dream Wheel bonus round is a particularly exciting feature that can result in huge payouts. Meanwhile, Planet Moolah has several bonus features that keep the game engaging and offer a chance to earn big. If you are looking to try something new in the world of gambling, these two games are worth considering.

Analysis of a Slot Machine Session

In this article, we will examine a slot machine session and highlight the important aspects of the experience. The player starts with $130 and ends up with $2000, a significant profit. Let's break down the session into segments.

Part 1: Regular Spins

The player initially starts with regular spins, and the video shows them saying "oh my gosh dude" as they win $132.50. More Wilds mean more chances of winning, and the player suspects that they could win $225 if they get six more Wilds, which they eventually do. Throughout the session, the player expresses disappointment when Wilds do not appear, and frustration when they do not lead to a win.

Part 2: Free Spins

Eventually, the player gets seven free games, which leads to a win of $65. This segment is essential to the player's profit since they get additional free games, which further boost their profits.

Part 3: Bonus

The bonus segment offers a chance to win big, and the player initially hits $250. However, they continue to play and end up losing a significant portion of their gains.


Despite the ups and downs, the player manages to walk away with a profit of $2000, an impressive outcome. Additionally, the video offers insight into the emotions that arise when playing slots, from excitement to disappointment. It also demonstrates that patience and persistence can lead to heightened profits.

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