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Exploring AI Image Processing Tools: A Review Of An Online Website

As we move into a more digital world, AI technology has taken the lead in various sectors from automating simple tasks to processing complex data. The image processing sector has also experienced significant growth in recent years, and AI-powered tools for cleaning, upscaling, and background removal are at the forefront of this expansion. In this article, we’ll be exploring one online website that offers multiple AI image processing tools.

Initial Encounter

One day, while browsing on Tick Tock, I stumbled upon a video that piqued my interest. The video showcased an AI image processing tool called “Relight” that piqued my interest. I decided to give it a try and visited the website to explore the various tools available. To my surprise, the website also offered other AI-powered tools such as background remover, image cleaner, text to image, and image upscaler. I was excited to try them all, so I decided to give a review of each tool based on my experience.

Image Cleaner

I started with the image cleaner tool, and I was impressed. It was easy to use, and the results were terrific. The AI-powered tool had a brush that you could use on the image, creating a semi-transparent green layer. What was covered by the green layer was removed when you clicked the clean button. For instance, I used the tool to remove a cat from the background, and the AI software was able to restore the window behind it seamlessly. This tool was remarkable, and I couldn't wait to try more.

Background Remover

The background remover was another tool I explored, and it was simple and effective. I uploaded an image, and the tool removed the background by identifying the object in front and what was at the back of the image. The image processing technique the tool uses is top-notch, resulting in a great output. In the image I tried, the background was removed, and the devices in the front remained, showing that the AI could distinguish between the background and the focal point perfectly.


Moving on to Relight, I wasn't initially impressed. However, the more I messed with the light parameters and ambient lights, the more I saw the potential of this tool. This tool allowed me to adjust the parameters and adjust the light source, which was impressive. By removing a light source, for instance, I could see that it only affected the background and not the cat in the foreground — a game-changer for me.

Image Upscaler

The image upscaler was another tool that peaked my interest. By default, the tool upscales the image twice the original size. The difference was noticeable when comparing the pixel quality to the original. You can upscale the image by four times, eight times, and sixteen times, but it requires an account and a subscription. Despite that, the upscale feature was already impressive enough for most daily tasks.

Text Removal

The text removal function was also remarkable. I used an image of a girl with nonsense characters on her shirt and uploaded it to the website. The tool was able to remove the characters. The output looked good, with all the wink holes in place and nothing looking off.

Additional Features

At this point, I thought I had explored everything, but a video stood out. The video showcased a Photoshop Plug-In that allowed users to grab objects with their phone's camera and drop them on a computer screen. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to try this feature, but it looked interesting and worth exploring.

Final Thoughts

Overall, my experience exploring the AI image processing tools on this online website was enjoyable and educational. The website's ease of use was another standout feature. Anyone can use these tools with minimal tutorials, and the functionality was impressive, given that they're free and require minimal information to access. AI image processing tools have come a long way, and it's exciting to see what the future holds for this technology as more people adopt it.

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