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Experiment Results: Massive Increase in Website Traffic with Auto Blogging AI


In a recent experiment, I decided to test the effectiveness of auto blogging AI in driving traffic to a website. The experiment involved publishing 624 blogs in just six minutes using this AI technology. The results were quite astounding, with a significant spike in website traffic within 48 hours of implementing the AI experiment. In this article, I will discuss the experiment, the strategy behind it, and address some frequently asked questions about the content created using this method.

The Experiment

The experiment started on Friday, 23rd of June, and within that short duration, the website experienced a tremendous increase in traffic. Initially, we were getting around 2,100 daily visitors. However, after implementing the AI experiment and publishing a large volume of blogs, the traffic spiked to a whopping 2,930 visitors per day. This equates to a 38% increase in traffic in just 48 hours. It is important to note that during this time, we only published one blog every hour, totaling to only 48 blogs in total.

To ascertain that the traffic increase was not a mere coincidence, we checked if the newly published content was being indexed by search engines. We found that the AI-generated content was being indexed quickly and ranked well. For example, a blog published on the 27th of June had already been indexed by search engines. Furthermore, when searching for specific keywords related to the auto-blogged content, we found that the website was ranking on the first page of search results.

The Strategy

To replicate the success of this experiment, it is essential to understand the three-step process that was used:

  1. Target low competition keywords: The key to establishing authority in a specific niche is to focus on low competition keywords. By targeting a sub-niche related to the website's main topic and publishing numerous blog posts centered around that sub-niche, we were able to establish ourselves as an authority in that area.

  2. Bulk create content with auto blogging AI: To efficiently publish a large volume of content, we utilized auto blogging AI technology. This allowed us to quickly generate quality content in bulk. By scheduling one blog post per hour, we optimized our website's crawl budget and prevented any negative impact from search engine algorithm updates.

  3. Build backlinks: The final piece of the puzzle was link building. This is often the aspect of SEO that many struggle with. However, it plays a crucial role in increasing a website's authority and driving organic traffic. By consistently engaging in outreach and acquiring backlinks, we were able to significantly increase our website's organic traffic and revenue.

Addressing FAQs

While the experiment yielded impressive results, it's important to address some frequently asked questions and concerns regarding the content produced through auto blogging AI:

  1. Long-term viability: Some may question the long-term sustainability of this strategy. To address this concern, we recommend scheduling the content to be published gradually rather than all at once. By spacing out the publication of blog posts, you can avoid exhausting your website's crawl budget and reduce the risk of being affected by algorithm updates.

  2. Avoiding keyword cannibalization: To prevent keyword cannibalization, which can negatively impact your website's SEO, it is recommended to employ a keyword strategy that targets specific subtopics within your niche. This can be achieved by using tools like Chat GBT and Bing Bang to identify low competition keywords. We provide more detailed guidance on this topic in our free course.

  3. Google's view on AI-generated content: Some may wonder if Google penalizes websites that use AI-generated content. It is important to note that Google itself utilizes AI technology and has provided guidelines on creating such content. The key factor is the quality of the content. As long as the AI-generated content is of high quality and provides value to users, it is unlikely to be penalized by search engines.

The Benefits of Auto Blogging AI

Auto Blogging AI is a powerful tool that offers numerous advantages for website owners. In this section, we will explore some of the key benefits of using this innovative technology.

1. Improved Content Quality

One of the standout features of Auto Blogging AI is the superior content quality it provides. Compared to other sources, the generated content is of a higher standard, making it more valuable for readers. Additionally, the AI technology ensures that the content is well-structured, with clear and engaging introductions and headers that make sense.

2. Easy Scannability for Search Engines

Another advantage of using Auto Blogging AI is that it optimizes your website's scannability for search engines like Google. The generated content includes appropriate schema markup, such as the FAQ schema, which signals to search engines the presence of an FAQ section. This not only makes it easier for Google's crawler to scan through your page but also increases the chances of ranking higher in search results.

3. Automatic Schema Generation

Schema markup plays a crucial role in improving search engine visibility. However, many website owners struggle with implementing schema markup correctly. Auto Blogging AI simplifies this process by automatically generating the necessary schema markup for your content. This eliminates the need for website owners to have in-depth knowledge of schema implementation, making it an excellent tool for those who are not familiar with this aspect of SEO.

4. Cost-effective Alternative to Outreach Tools

For website owners who are looking for a cost-effective alternative to expensive outreach tools like Pitchbox, Auto Blogging AI offers a solution. While tools like Pitchbox may be unaffordable for many, this tool provides a cheaper way to do LinkedIn outreach. Additionally, it offers training on manual email outreach and provides valuable resources like a free link-building book to help users achieve success without investing in expensive software.

5. Easy Monetization with Isoic Settings

Auto Blogging AI can also support website monetization through isoic settings. By following the recommended setup process and configuring the WordPress plugin correctly, website owners can start generating revenue through ads. Additionally, the plugin's integration with content delivery networks and advanced settings ensures a seamless user experience without any complicated configurations.

6. Ideal Niche Selection for Content Generation

In selecting the right niche for content generation, Auto Blogging AI recommends targeting niches that have a significant amount of questions and high search volume. This strategy allows website owners to find hundreds of keywords with low competition, making it easier to rank in search engines. For example, niches like chickens or birds with low keyword difficulty and a wealth of topics offer fantastic opportunities for success.

7. Subjective Niche Advantage

When considering niche selection for content generation, one helpful tip is to focus on niches that are subjective, like the spiritual niche. In these niches, where there is no strict definition of content accuracy, Auto Blogging AI can generate compelling and engaging articles. This flexibility allows website owners to capitalize on the subjective nature of the content and achieve positive results in terms of traffic and monetization.

8. Combined Power of Auto Blogging and Backlinks

While Auto Blogging AI's content generation capability is robust, having a solid backlink profile is essential for website success. Auto Blogging AI's ability to generate vast amounts of content allows website owners to focus more on building backlinks and differentiating their website from competitors. This combination of high-quality content and effective backlink building gives an edge in search engine rankings and overall website performance.

9. Content Optimization on a Tight Budget

For website owners operating on a tight budget, Auto Blogging AI provides an alternative solution that doesn't require expensive tools. By following the step-by-step tutorial for optimizing content with GPT, users can achieve quality content without incurring additional costs. The tutorial provides detailed guidance and a checklist to ensure that the content is fully optimized for SEO purposes, even without access to advanced tools like Auto Blogging AI.

10. Internal Linking Challenges and Solutions

One area that website owners may encounter challenges with when using Auto Blogging AI is internal linking within the generated content. Due to the sheer volume of content produced, manually adding internal links can be time-consuming and challenging to scale. Existing tools like LinkWhisper and Linksilo can alleviate these challenges to some extent, but finding an efficient and effective solution for internal linking remains an ongoing concern.

11. Non-Expired Domain for Successful Content Performance

In the case study presented, the domain used for the AI SEO website was not an expired or used domain. Instead, a brand new domain was purchased a few years ago. Despite the absence of an expired domain, the content generated through Auto Blogging AI has demonstrated impressive performance and continuous growth in traffic. This highlights the potential of Auto Blogging AI even without relying on expired domains.

Maximizing SEO Traffic: Strategies for Expired Domains, Content Optimization, and Monetization

By [Your Name]


In the world of SEO, finding effective strategies to boost traffic and rankings is crucial. In this article, we will delve into various techniques and considerations that can significantly impact the success of your website. From exploring the potential of expired domains to optimizing content using Godlike mode, we will uncover valuable insights on how to increase SEO traffic. Additionally, we will discuss monetization options such as Mediavine and Zoic, as well as the use of personas in maintaining anonymity and building credibility. Finally, we will explore the impact of content volume and backlinks on SEO success. So, let's dive in!

Exploring the Potential of Expired Domains

  1. Challenges in Finding Quality Expired Domains: Buying expired domains can be a viable strategy for building a website. However, it can be challenging to find decent sites that meet your requirements.
  2. Alternative Strategies: If you are struggling to find suitable expired domains, consider exploring alternative options such as AI-generated content and niche-focused experimentation.

Optimizing Content with Godlike Mode

  1. Enhancing Content Quality: The Godlike mode offers an option to optimize content by incorporating more natural language while ensuring its relevance to the targeted topic.
  2. Benefits of Godlike Mode: By utilizing this feature, Google's crawling process can identify related terms and LSI keywords within the content, signaling its topicality and potentially resulting in higher rankings.

Monetization Options with Mediavine and Zoic

  1. Mediavine: Mediavine is a popular platform for monetizing websites. However, it requires a minimum of 50,000 visitors to be eligible for participation.
  2. Zoic as an Alternative: For those who do not meet Mediavine's eligibility criteria, Zoic offers a free alternative. By installing the Zoic WordPress plugin, website owners can easily set up monetization without the need for complicated configurations.

The Power of Personas in SEO

  1. Anonymous Identity: Utilizing personas, a common practice in SEO and affiliate marketing, allows website owners to maintain anonymity. By creating a non-existent persona, such as the legendary author Dale Garrett, website owners can build credibility without revealing their true identity.
  2. Benefits of Persona Approach: Sticking with a chosen persona can ensure consistency and prevent potential issues with rankings or site disturbances that may arise from altering the authorship.

The Impact of Content Volume and Backlinks

  1. Content Volume: Concerns regarding publishing frequency arise when considering the potential classification of high-frequency posting as spam by search engines like Google. However, publishing a large volume of content concurrently can be successful, provided the website has established authority and an existing trust relationship with search engines.
  2. Backlinks and Outreach: Building backlinks remains an essential SEO strategy. Utilizing outreach and employing techniques like the skyscraper method can effectively attract high-quality backlinks that bolster a website's visibility and authority.

While the auto blogging ai experiment yielded significant traffic growth within a short period, it is crucial to note that this strategy carries some level of risk and may not be suitable for all websites. it is particularly suited for those looking to scale quickly, experiment with seo, and take advantage of the ai seo gold rush. however, for long-term stability, a more balanced approach that incorporates targeted keywords, high-quality content, and strategic link building is recommended.

in the end, it is important to consider the goals and objectives of your website before implementing any seo strategy.
Auto blogging ai offers website owners a range of benefits, including improved content quality, easier scannability for search engines, automatic schema generation, cost-effective outreach alternatives, and more. while it is not without its challenges, the use of auto blogging ai, combined with effective backlink building and niche selection, presents a promising avenue for website success.
and Further Learning

To dive deeper into the strategies mentioned in this article and gain a comprehensive understanding of how to implement an effective SEO system, I invite you to explore my free course, available here. This course covers everything from keyword research and AI-based content generation to backlink-building techniques suitable for new AI SEO websites. Remember, consistent effort, optimization, and leveraging the right tools are key to increasing traffic and achieving success in the competitive world of SEO. Subscribe to stay updated on future case studies and outcomes. Thank you for reading!

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