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Ethereum Front Run Bot: Advanced Version with Optimization and Multiple Router Support

Welcome back, everyone! In our previous article, we covered the Binance (BNB) front run bot. This time, we have an updated version of the Ethereum front run bot with several optimizations, including improved gas efficiency and support for multiple routers. Some of the supported units in this version include V2, V3, and DyDx.

Let's dive into the details and get started with setting up the bot.


To begin, you'll need to download and install MetaMask. Note that currently, only desktop PCs running Windows, Linux, or Mac OS are supported. Other wallets like Trust Wallet are not compatible with this bot. While it is recommended to use Google Chrome, other browsers, like Firefox, are also compatible.

Once you have installed MetaMask, follow the provided instructions to create your wallet.

Next, open Remix, a powerful web-based IDE for writing smart contracts. You can find the link to Remix in the video description.

Smart Contract Setup

  1. Click on "Create New File" in Remix.
  2. Name the file "TiaEve" (or any other name of your choice).
  3. In the newly opened file window, copy and paste the contract string. Make sure to include all lines of code, ensuring that the last line is the 551st line.
  4. Go to the Solidity Compiler section in Remix.
  5. Verify that the compiler version is correct (0.6 point plus commit).
  6. Click on "Compile". If the compilation is successful, a green checkmark should appear. If not, double-check that you have selected the right compiler and that the contract section reads "TI unit swap front run."
  7. Moving on to the Deploy and Run section, click on "Inject" and select MetaMask. Make sure your wallet is connected to Remix by checking for a green checkmark. If not connected, click on "Connect" to establish the connection.
  8. Click on the "Deploy" button to initiate the deployment process. Pay the required fees for the deployment cost.
  9. Wait for the transaction confirmation.

Understanding the Front Run Bot Code

For a better understanding of the updated front run bot code, let's take a quick breakdown:

  1. Improved Cost Efficiency: Compared to the previous version, the updated bot significantly reduces fees, making it more cost-effective. This optimization is particularly crucial for Ethereum, given the higher gas fees and transaction volumes compared to the Binance Network.
  2. Enhanced Safety Measures: The updated version includes additional safety measures, detailed in our Discord channel. It is essential to follow and understand these safety guidelines to ensure a secure experience.
  3. Same Operating Principle: The functioning principle of the bot remains the same as the previous version. The bot scans the mempool for profitable opportunities that can be executed with the initial funds provided. The minimum recommended starting fund is 0.3 Ethereum, but higher amounts are encouraged, as they allow for covering larger transaction increments.
  4. Profit Withdrawal: It is possible to withdraw the initial funds provided. Instructions for the withdrawal process will be provided later in the article.

Staying Safe and Avoiding Scams

It is important to exercise caution and stay vigilant in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, given the presence of scammers. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Beware of Fake Software and Downloads: Do not download any software or files related to bots. The author does not provide any software solutions at this time. Any future software releases will be announced through the official Telegram and Discord channels.
  2. Verify Reliable Sources: When looking for information or tutorials on front-running bots, be cautious of repetitive and suspicious videos uploaded on platforms. Pay attention to video upload dates and be wary of any attempts to hide the upload dates, as this could indicate stolen content.
  3. Reach Out for Assistance: If you have any questions or require assistance during the process, refer to the video description for the author's Telegram and Discord channels. The author is available to answer queries and provide guidance.
  4. Transparency and Code Sharing: The author emphasizes transparency and has an open Telegram group and a private Discord channel for participants to discuss code-related queries. Not everyone in the space is a scammer, so it is essential to distinguish reliable sources.

Continuing the Deployment Process

After deploying the contract and receiving the confirmation, you can proceed with the following steps:

  1. Copy the contract code and fund the contract with initial funds. To provide an example, let's assume we fund the bot with 3 Ethereum.
  2. Wait for the confirmation of the transaction.

Running the Bot

  1. Once the confirmation is received, click on the "Start" button.
  2. Pay the required fees.
  3. Wait for the next confirmation.

Evaluating Profits

After allowing the bot to run for a sufficient period (e.g., three to four hours), the time has come to check the generated profits.

  1. Click on the "Withdraw" button and pay the fees.
  2. Wait for the next confirmation.
  3. Once confirmed, you can review the profit made during the designated period.

In our example, with an initial fund of 3.2 Ethereum, the bot generated approximately 0.8 Ethereum in profits. The actual profit range can vary depending on the daily volume on the Ethereum network. If you have any questions regarding the bot, feel free to reach out to the author through the provided Telegram and Discord channels.

Conclusion and Future Updates

We hope that this updated version of the Ethereum front run bot enhances your profit-making potential. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed valuable insights and assistance through our Discord channel.

In the next major update, we will explain how to set up your own custom node via Infura to maximize your profits. Stay tuned for this exciting addition!

Remember, always prioritize your safety and exercise caution when navigating the DeFi space. Although scams exist, we reassure you that transparency and reliable information are at the core of our work. We strive to provide a healthy and secure environment for our community members.

If you have questions or need assistance, refer to the video description for the author's Telegram and Discord channels. We are here to help you! Happy front running and profitable returns!

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