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Episode 25: Trying the Million Dollar Dragon Cat Slot Machine at the Cosmo

In this episode, NG Slot tries his luck on the Million Dollar Dragon Cat slot machine located at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. He aims to win the major jackpot on the machine and bring his viewers along for the ride.

Five out of 5,000 Free Play and Dollar Dynam

NG Slot starts off the episode by explaining that he has five out of 5,000 free play credits on the machine and will start his spins with a dollar dynam. He explains that the machine has a crazy progressive jackpot, and winning it would be the goal of his session.

The Machine and Bonus Triggers

The Million Dollar Dragon Cat slot machine has a minimum bet of 25 cents and features various bonus triggers. NG Slot explains the different triggers, including the three triggers needed to activate the Jackpot Bonus game and six numbers needed for the Cash Connection feature.

Meeting Fellow Players and Twin Brother Conspiracy Theory

As NG Slot plays the machine, he has a brief interaction with a nearby player. He also addresses a conspiracy theory that he has a twin brother, which he jokingly confirms.

Focus and Using a "Dirty" Finger for Luck

As the session progresses, NG Slot tries to focus on the game to increase his chances of winning. He also jokes with his viewers about using a "dirty" finger for luck and references a focusing school in Beverly Hills.

Jackpots and Cash Winnings

NG Slot showcases the various jackpots available on the machine, including the minor, mini, major, and grand jackpots. He continues to spin the machine and takes a break to try other games, such as Piggy Banking and Lucky Jasmine Winner.

Final Thoughts and Free Play Results

NG Slot ends the episode with a summary of his results. He had a total of 5,000 free play credits on the machine, but only 1,400 credits remaining after his session. He also won $755 in cash. He thanks his subscribers and viewers for watching and encourages them to hit the subscribe button and notification bell.

Overall, Episode 25 of NG Slot's channel is an entertaining look at his attempts to win big while playing the Million Dollar Dragon Cat slot machine at the Cosmopolitan. His humorous commentary and quick wit keep viewers engaged throughout the episode.}

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