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Dangerous Beauty High Limit Slot Game

Are you a fan of high limit slot machines? Are you looking for a game that is both low volatility but can still offer decent payouts? Look no further than Dangerous Beauty.

The Basics

To play this game, it costs 50 dollars per spin. The bonus feature requires the player to land nine symbols. During three games in the bonus round, players get super stacks. While it is not a high volatility game, players can still get small line hits that can add up quickly.


The top symbol is worth 1000 times the bet. The second top symbol pays out 50 or 60 times during a full screen. Although the payout for the game may not seem high, it still offers a solid return and can easily add up to a nice profit.


In the video, the player begins the game by paying 50 dollars, hoping for a bonus trigger. They continue to play for a while before receiving a bonus round that nets a decent payout. Although the first bonus was not as fruitful, they continue to play and eventually hit a second bonus round that pays out even more.

Additional Information

Throughout the video, the player provides commentary and humorous quips about their experience playing Dangerous Beauty. They mention other high limit slot machines, and how some games offer a higher risk/reward ratio than others.

The video shows off the gameplay and bonus rounds, allowing viewers to get a good idea of what the game offers.

Overall, Dangerous Beauty is a solid game for those who enjoy low volatility slot machines with decent payouts. It can be a fun and potentially profitable experience for those willing to give it a try.}

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