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Creating AI SEO Websites: An Experiment

One month ago, I created two whole new websites in just under 30 minutes each, and built their content out completely with AI SEO. Just a week later, I set up a new AI SEO site to rank, and it ranked within 24 hours. In this article, I will provide an update on these two websites to show you the results of the experiment so far.

Creating Content with AI SEO

So far, on the German website, all the content is created with AI, and on the Spanish website as well. On the former website, we published 757 pages, while on the latter, we posted 889 posts. The experiment has been called 'AI SEO Madness', and while we have had a lot of people ask for an update on the website, I must be honest in admitting that the results are not amazing, mainly because it is still early days, and these are brand new websites so Google doesn't trust them yet.

However, I want to be completely transparent and show you the highs and lows of the journey so that you can see that it's not all sunshine and rainbows, and you're not always going to get crazy results like other case studies have shown.

The Results So Far

Here is what has surprised me so far:

  • The DR (Domain Rating) of one of the websites is at 1.2 already, and it pretty much went straight up as soon as we started building links, while the DR of the other website stands at 3.7, which is a good start.
  • Google trusts our website enough to start ranking it on the first page for a lot of keywords. For instance, the German website, 'Vogel Wonderland' is already in position nine two eight four for Vogel Wonderland, and even some other keywords ranking number two.
  • Backlinks are coming in and traffic is building up, which shows that we are on the right track.

However, it is still early days, and it will take a while for Google to trust us. Plus, the earnings for the website are pretty low at the moment. It is barely getting any traffic and only generating a few cents per day.

The Three-Step Plan

So, how can we improve things going forward? Here is my three-step plan:

  1. The main issue right now for both websites is that Google isn't really indexing them properly. This is a normal issue for a brand new site. It takes time for Google to trust you and allocate crawl budget to you.
  2. There are actually no money pages on either of these sites. Our aim is to bring in more affiliate links and create review pages for products.
  3. We need to improve the DR of both websites. It's all about trust and building authority. One of the sites is at 1.2 DR, while the other is at 3.7 DR, and we need to get more backlinks coming in to improve this.

Google talks a lot about EAT (Expertise, Authority, Experience, and Trust), and there are many ways we can manipulate that. However, mainly it comes down to backlinks. We have already built a bunch of backlinks from our outreach to Vogel Wonderland and our Spanish site as well.

Improving Your Website Ranking through Outreach and Backlinks

Google has been emphasizing the importance of EAT or Expertise, Authority, Experience, and Trust in improving website ranking. While there are various ways to manipulate these factors, one of the biggest contributors to EAT is backlinks. In this article, we'll discuss the significance of outreach and backlinks in achieving a higher website ranking.

Building Backlinks through Outreach

Outreach is a powerful tool to build backlinks for your website. To demonstrate this, we built a bunch of backlinks to our website using outreach and saw positive results within a month of creating the website. While some backlinks required payment, we were able to gather some for free.

Moreover, you don't need to have a big brand to attract backlinks. As seen from our experience, building backlinks through outreach is possible for completely unknown brands.

The Role of Patience in SEO

It's vital to understand that great results in SEO can't be achieved overnight. Therefore, it is crucial to be patient with your website and let the process take its course. If Google ranked every website created overnight, search results overall would be less effective.

Take time to produce high-quality content, build up your website's EAT, and monitor your website's progress. Our Hivemind channel shared some tips and tricks to boost your SEO with AI. Check out our free course for more resources to elevate your website ranking.

It takes time to build a website from scratch and establish trust with google. this experiment shows that while ai seo can be an effective tool for generating content and building websites quickly, there are still many things to consider if you want to generate significant traffic and revenue.

In conclusion, outreach plays a vital role in building your website's authority, experience, and trust, as evident in the positive results we experienced. It may take some time to achieve desired results, but the journey is worth it. Keep producing quality content and building backlinks, and your website's rankings will undoubtedly improve.

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