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Command Center: The New UI Standard for Managing KPI-Oriented Multi-Channel Multifunctional and Multitask Marketing Processes

The success of any marketing campaign depends on the effective management of multi-channel marketing processes. With the increasing complexity of marketing processes and solutions aimed at achieving specific goals, the need for a centralized management tool has increased. Command Center is a new UI standard that offers a centralized view of all marketing processes and solutions. It provides a comprehensive solution for planning, executing, and analyzing marketing campaigns.

Features of Command Center

Campaign View

The Campaign View allows marketers to plan occasional and thematic campaigns. It also provides a tool for controlling all marketing campaigns from one place. With the Command Center, marketers can create multi-channel processes in campaign view and manage campaigns in the calendar view. To open the panel in the side menu, one needs to click on the Command Center tab.

After selecting the Campaign View in the Command Center panel, one can browse through the available features that allow building an advanced marketing process from a single dashboard.

Elements Tab

After expanding the elements tab, marketers can use all email messages, text messages, web push notifications, segments, elements created in the lead generation panel, and those created in the website personalization panel. Marketers can create a campaign of up to 50 elements.

Search Engine

The search engine helps shorten the list of campaign names and eases the process of finding the desired name.

New Campaign Button

The new campaign button allows marketers to create a new campaign by selecting a name for it and building a kit from all the available marketing elements. Marketers can set the name of the campaign under which they will find all the stabilized marketing processes.

Categories and Elements

Marketers can create folders and subfolders to divide and expand their campaigns. Categories can appear above the names of specific elements informing marketers which groups they belong to, such as whether they are emails or pop-ups.

Calendar View

The Calendar View allows marketers to view all mass campaigns on one of the three available cylinder calendar schemes- daily, weekly, and monthly. It also lets marketers shadow mailings, web push notifications, and text messages while keeping track of the analytics of specific sendings by clicking on the title with the name of the campaign that has already taken place.

Benefits of Using Command Center

Centralized Management of Multi-Channel Processes

One of the significant benefits of using command center is its ability to provide a centralized view of all marketing processes and solutions. Marketers can manage all their marketing campaigns from a single dashboard, streamlining the process and saving time.

Improved Campaign Planning

The campaign view in Command Center provides an efficient tool for planning and executing marketing campaigns. Its features allow marketers to schedule messages and build sophisticated marketing processes with ease.

Easy Analysis of Marketing Campaigns

The Command Center's calendar view enables marketers to keep track of all their campaigns on a one-day, weekly, or monthly basis. Marketers can also access analytics to view the performance of their campaigns.


In conclusion, Command Center is the new UI standard for managing KPI-oriented multi-channel multifunctional and multitask marketing processes. With its centralized management tools and efficient campaign planning features, it helps marketers execute successful campaigns. Its calendar view and analytics tools enable easy analysis and efficient management of all marketing campaigns on a single dashboard.

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