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Buffalo Link Slot Machine: A high-stakes gambling game

Buffalo Link is a slot machine game that offers players the chance to win big at the casino. This game features powerful numbers that can payout tens of thousands of dollars to lucky gamblers. The game revolves around getting a winning combination of three flags or six numbers.

How to Play

To play Buffalo Link, players must first place a bet. The minimum bet is 50 cents, while the maximum is $250. The game offers several progressive jackpots, including the minor (worth $10,000) and the major (worth $23,000). To trigger a bonus, players must get either three coins or eight numbers.

Winning Big

Buffalo Link can payout huge sums of money to players who get lucky. The game offers jackpots worth several thousand dollars, which players can win by getting certain combinations of symbols. Players can win up to 250 times their bet number, which can be massive. The major jackpot, worth $23,000, is an especially tempting prize for gamblers.


To improve their odds of winning at Buffalo Link, players can try a few different strategies. Here are some tips for players looking to hit it big:

  • Place larger bets: Players who place larger bets are more likely to trigger a bonus or hit a winning combination that will payout big
  • Focus on getting coins: The bonus round can be especially lucrative for players who manage to get the right combination of coins
  • Try different betting amounts: Experiment with different betting amounts to find the amount that works best for you
  • Play for longer periods of time: The longer you play, the greater your chances of hitting a big jackpot


Overall, Buffalo Link is an exciting and potentially lucrative game for players looking to try their luck at the casino. With its progressive jackpots and powerful numbers, gamblers have the chance to win big if they get lucky. By following these strategies and playing smart, players can increase their odds of taking home a large sum of money.}

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