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Breaking News: Joe Biden Declared President-Elect with Historic Electoral Victory


In an announcement that has sent shockwaves across the world, Joe Biden has officially been declared the President-elect of the United States of America. This historic moment came after winning the crucial state of Pennsylvania, which pushed him over the 270 electoral vote threshold needed to secure victory. With over 99% of votes tallied, Biden holds a commanding 34,000 vote lead in Pennsylvania. This victory now gives him a total of 284 electoral votes. In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding this momentous occasion, analyze Biden's response, and explore the future challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the President-elect.

The Path to Victory

  1. The state of Pennsylvania, with its 20 electoral votes, proved to be the decisive battleground that propelled Joe Biden to victory.
  2. With over 99% of votes counted in Pennsylvania, Biden secured a comfortable lead of 34,000 votes.
  3. This victory in Pennsylvania pushed Biden's tally to 284 electoral votes, well beyond the required 270 to win the presidency.
  4. President Trump currently holds 214 electoral votes.

Official Declaration and Enhanced Security Measures

  1. Following the declaration of Joe Biden as the President-elect, the Secret Service has initiated heightened security measures to protect him.
  2. The increased security comes in response to the potential risks and threats faced by the President-elect in this transition period.
  3. Prior to the official declaration as the winner, Biden addressed the American people late on Friday, expressing gratitude and optimism.

Biden's Address to the Nation

  1. Joe Biden spoke to voters, thanking them for their support throughout his campaign.
  2. He acknowledged that while a final declaration of victory had not yet been made, the numbers indicated a clear and convincing story of success.
  3. Biden highlighted the impressive progress his campaign had made in key battleground states.
    • In Georgia, Biden was trailing just 24 hours ago, but he has now taken the lead.
    • The same can be said for Pennsylvania, where he was initially behind but is now ahead.
    • Biden also expressed confidence in his prospects in Arizona and Nevada, where he is currently leading.
  4. Emphasizing the significant support his ticket received, Biden highlighted that they had garnered over 74 million votes – the highest in the history of the United States.
  5. Furthermore, Biden emphasized the nation's desire for change and unity, expressing a commitment to tackle pressing issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy, climate change, and systemic racism.

Immediate Actions and Priorities

  1. Biden stressed that his campaign would not wait for the final results to be announced but instead would embark on immediate action to address pressing challenges.
  2. Meetings with experts on public health and the economic crisis were held by Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on the day preceding the official declaration.
  3. The urgency to control the surging COVID-19 pandemic was underscored, as daily cases continue to rise and the death toll approaches 240,000 lives lost in the United States.
  4. An economic recovery plan, with a focus on ensuring a strong path to recovery and providing relief to the millions impacted by unemployment and financial instability, was also highlighted as a priority.

Unifying a Divided Nation

  1. Acknowledging the high tensions prevalent after a closely contested election, Biden urged for calm and patience.
  2. With a firm belief in the efficacy of the democratic process, he reassured the American people that every vote would be counted, regardless of attempts to hinder the tallying process.
  3. The President-elect emphasized that despite differences of opinions and strong disagreements on various issues, Americans must find common ground and restore civility in political discourse.
  4. Biden reiterated his commitment to represent the entire nation, including those who did not vote for him, emphasizing the duty of care for all Americans.

Challenges and Vision for the Future

  1. Joe Biden acknowledged the multitude of challenges facing the nation, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, economic recovery, racial justice, and climate change.
  2. He emphasized that time is of the essence and that there is no room for partisan warfare.
  3. The President-elect expressed an unwavering optimism about the future of the United States, remarking that there is no task too great for a nation that has consistently overcome adversity throughout its history.
  4. Biden's vision for the future of America centers around unity, problem-solving, justice, and opportunity for all.


Joe Biden's official declaration as the President-elect marks a momentous turning point in American history. As the nation grapples with ongoing challenges and divisions, it is crucial to heed Biden's call for unity and civility. The journey toward a more perfect union starts now, and with his extensive experience and ambitious plans, President-elect Biden aims to steer the nation towards a better future. As the world watches, hoping for a united and prosperous America, it is our duty as citizens to support and hold our leaders accountable as they navigate through these tumultuous times.

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