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Analyzing Electric Vehicle Data with Notable Plugin

Data analysis is an essential part of any business, and data analysts are always on the lookout for ways to streamline the process. The Notable Plugin for Chat GPT is one such tool that can revolutionize data analysis for data analysts. It can help data analysts to perform data-driven analysis, machine learning, and basic visual analytics to identify trends and anomalies.

What is Notable Plugin for Chat GPT?

The Notable Plugin is a beta version that is available on the Chat GPT website for Chat GPT Plus subscribers. This plugin allows data analysts to analyze data using prompts. The tool first interprets the prompt and then converts it into Python code that is run on the dataset.

Analyzing Electric Vehicle Data

To demonstrate the capabilities of the Notable Plugin, we're going to analyze electric vehicle population data from data.gov in Washington state. We'll use a project created on Notable to create notebooks within it in order to do some analysis. Our goal will be to perform data-driven analysis of the electric vehicle data, targeting Tesla sales representatives who are looking to convince people to purchase a Tesla over another make of electric vehicle. We'll include a description of what we're doing, basic visual analytics, machine learning, exploratory data analysis, and provide data-driven suggestions.

Steps Involved

  1. Test the Notable Plugin: In the Notable Plugin for Chat GPT, select the GPT4 and the Plugins beta. Check the notable plugin and test it using the electric vehicle population data from data.gov.

  2. Creating a Prompt: Create a prompt for the Notable Plugin to perform data-driven analysis. In our case, we pass the electric vehicle dataset to our prompt through Chat GPT and ask it to analyze the data. We also provide a description, basic visual analytics, machine learning, and exploratory data analysis.

  3. Data Profiling: The Notable Plugin first starts by loading the dataset and conducting data profiling. It profiles each column of data to identify the type of data in it, the number of null values, and other information. Data profiling helps you understand the contours of your data, identify missing or erroneous data, and how to clean them.

  4. Basic Descriptive Statistics: After conducting data profiling, the Notable Plugin moves on to provide basic descriptive statistics on the dataset's quantitative variables. The statistics include counts, minimums, maximums, medians of each column. This information can help you understand the dataset's shape and distribution and identify significant values for the next steps of the analysis.

  5. Basic Visual Analytics: The Notable Plugin uses basic visual analytics tools to plot the dataset's model histogram and identify the top ten make and models.

  6. Applying Machine Learning: The Notable Plugin also provides tools for machine learning. It can split the data into a training version and a test version and apply regression or classification techniques to the data. The Notable Plugin shows the root mean squared error of the regression analysis on the data.

  7. Providing Suggestions: Finally, the Notable Plugin generates suggestions based on analysis results. For instance, in our example, the Notable Plugin suggested emphasizing the popularity of Tesla's vehicles, high average electric range, and the superior performance of Tesla's models in terms of electric range.


Data analysis is a crucial part of any business operation, and the Notable Plugin for Chat GPT offers a revolutionary solution to data analysts. It streamlines data-driven analysis, machine learning, and basic visual analytics to save time and provide meaningful insights. This plugin allows data analysts to focus on interpreting data and delivering insights rather than writing code.

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