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Analyzing Dogecoin Investment: A Detailed Look

Welcome back to another episode of our Dogecoin investing series. Today, we'll be analyzing the current state of Dogecoin and how it's performing in the market.

Let's address the elephant in the room - the market isn't looking good for Dogecoin today. As of now, the price of Dogecoin has fallen by 13 or negative 25%. Although this news isn't great, it's important to note that we're still in the green overall regarding our Dogecoin investment.

Before we move forward, we want to make it clear that we aren't financial advisors. As much as we'd like to say buy or sell, that's not where our expertise lies. We're just a bunch of people investing on the internet and sharing our experiences with our viewers.

The Current State of Dogecoin

As stated earlier, Dogecoin is on a downswing, and it's continuously dipping. Based on our observation, it seems like this is not only affecting Dogecoin but other stocks on Wall Street Bets as well. There's still a level of unpredictability associated with these movements.

At the time of writing, the highest point for Dogecoin was at 8:00 AM, an hour and 15 minutes before the market opened. Since then, the value of Dogecoin has decreased, and we're uncertain about what the future holds.

Investing in Dogecoin

Our current buying power in Dogecoin is $7. If the value decreases any further and hits its bottom, we plan on investing an additional $7 and evaluating what happens.

Once we purchase the new dogecoins, it's highly likely that our average cost will increase. Our average cost for Dogecoin currently sits at 0.0287, and we anticipate that it will be closer to three cents. However, we'll still be holding onto the Dogecoins and seeing how they fare in the market.

Our Plan of Action

Like many investors, we haven't decided to sell our Dogecoin just yet. We'll continue to hold onto them and watch as they continue to fluctuate. It's important to note that it's a fun little experiment that we're thoroughly enjoying.

If the value of Dogecoin hits a two-cent price point, we might consider investing additional funds. Additionally, we may explore other crypto trading sites to compare how Dogecoin fares across various platforms and provide our viewers with updates.

A Piece of History

The recent surge in Wall Street Bets and Dogecoin investments has already made its mark in history. Regardless of how it turns out, it's interesting to see what happens when individuals coordinate in masses. It's all part of the fun, and we're glad to have had the opportunity to document this piece of history.


In conclusion, the market isn't looking great for Dogecoin at this moment. Nonetheless, we'll be holding onto our investments and watching as it continues to fluctuate. Our plan is to continue sharing our journey with our viewers and provide updates along the way. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to hit that like button and subscribe for more investment updates in the cryptocurrency market. See you tomorrow!

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