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A Sneaky Way To Peek At Hidden Buy Buttons on Websites

As a marketer, it is always important to be aware of what your competitors are doing. An essential part of marketing is constructing highly converting sales pages, and marketers tend to keep some tricks to themselves. But what if there was a way to peek behind the curtain, and see every aspect of a competitor's sales page, even the hidden parts?

In this article, we will share a sneaky way to peek at hidden buy buttons, and how to get around those pesky timed-delayed buy button pop-ups that are commonly used on sales pages. This little trick is great to use when you land on a page where you know there is a timed-delayed buy button, and you want to know the price and what is hidden behind it. Here is how to do it:

Step 1 - Right-click and Inspect

Right-click on the website page that you want to see hidden buttons for. From the options presented, select Inspect. This will open up the web developer's console.

Step 2 - Search for the code

On the developer's console, use the search box to look for the code that is hiding the information. The code you need to search for is:

display: none;

This code is used to hide any information that the website owner does not want to be visible to everyone who visits the page.

Step 3 - Replace the code

Once you have found the code, simply replace it with the following code:

display: block;

This code will unhide everything that is hidden.

Step 4 - View the Hidden Information

Now, you're all set to view the information that is hidden behind the delayed-timed buy button. Simply refresh the page, and the new code will unhide all the hidden information, giving you a glimpse of what's behind the button. You can also click on the button to see where it takes you and view the price point of the product.

Additional Tips

  • This hack only works on Google Chrome. However, other browsers are likely to have a similar way to get to the web developer's console.
  • If you don't find anything after the first search, hit the next button on the search box to continue searching for other instances of the hidden code.
  • Keep in mind that using this hack may be unethical, so use it at your own discretion.

Now that you have this little trick up your sleeve, go ahead and use it to your advantage. It can be helpful for improving your website's sales page and overall marketing strategy. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for more sneaky marketing hacks that we will share in the future. Happy spying!

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