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A Guide to Discussions in the Net Logo Modeling Commons

Welcome to a screencast by Reuben Lerner about discussions in the Net Logo Modeling Commons. In this article, we will explore how the community interactions work in Net Logo's Modeling Commons.

Encouraging Collaborations through Discussions

Net Logo Modeling Commons aims to encourage collaboration between modelers. People using the commons collaborate in numerous ways. Collaboration can happen even outside the modeling code or model itself. Collaboration may also take place in other forms, including discussing techniques to optimize the model, sharing the domain knowledge, answering and asking questions about the modeling process, and many more.

The Discussion Tab

To support this collaboration, every model in Net Logo Modeling Commons has a discussion tab. The discussion tab is the first tab you see when you open the model page. Here, you can participate in discussions with other community members about a specific model. You can also ask domain-specific questions, comment on models, or share your insights and feedback.

Commenting on a Model

You can write comments as per your interest. For instance, if you find a model excellent, you can write in the comment section, "wow, this is a great model." To make it more interactive, you can also ask questions related to the model. By this, other community members can help you out with your query.

The Question and Answer Section

When you mark the query as a question, it means you are not limited to getting help from the people who come to the turtle walker page. You can get answers from everyone in the community, and they can answer it. You can also easily identify the questions that have been posted and answer them so that the conversation can continue.

When you mark a question as answered, it is taken down from the global list of queries that are waiting for answers. It also eliminates the need to pester the community further about the issue. Therefore, you can ask and answer questions in a more organized way.

Deleting Comments

It's always better to double-check your comment before publishing it to avoid mistakes. However, if you would like to delete your comment, you can remove it anytime. When you're deleting your own comment, it is also deleted from everyone else's view.


The Net Logo Modeling Commons Discussion tab is an excellent way to interact with the community, ask questions, and get feedback on your models. Moreover, the Question and Answer section allows you to easily identify open questions and respond to help others. Collaborating through discussions is an essential part of the Net Logo community and an effective way to enhance your modeling skills. Reach out to Reuben Lerner at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments about anything related to the modeling commons.

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