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A Comprehensive Guide to Flow GPT: Making the Most of Multi-Threaded Chat Conversations

Have you ever struggled to use chatbots or found them unstructured and confusing to navigate? Flow GPT is your solution. This tool is a multi-threaded conversation platform for chatbots that makes conversation structure and clarity accessible even to people who don't like onboarding instructions. In this article, we will take a closer look at the many features of Flow GPT and show you how to make the most of them.

Adding Prompts, Configuring AI Persona, and Navigation with Mini Map

To begin, users can add prompts with the prompt icon button. Users can also configure the AI assistant persona through the robot icon and click or drag prompts on the board. The logical consistency of prompts under the same conversation is ensured with the help of connection features. Users can connect different prompts and create multiple connections between responses.

Flow GPT includes a mini-map that helps users navigate the entire canvas. By using the mini-map, users also have a clear overview of documents that they can share with others by granting them access. After creating and designing the canvas, users can download it as a txt file.

Customizing Chatbot Conversations

Flow GPT offers users the opportunity to customize their chatbot conversations in different ways such as:

  1. Acting as a funny gamer and adding a prompt connect.
  2. Creating an AI assistant that acts like a teacher, or George or Jerry from Seinfeld.
  3. Writing your own prompt to make sure your chatbot follows the conversation structure that you want.

Users also have the opportunity to delete everything in the prompt box with the exception of a letter 'a' that helps with prompt writing.

Advantages of Flow GPT

Flow GPT offers several advantages that make it an effective chatbot tool:

  • Large Word Count: Users can generate up to 20,000 AI words.
  • Suitable for Different Professions: The platform is suitable for copywriters, marketers, and writers.
  • Improved clarity: With Flow GPT, users can bring structure and clarity to their content by laying out different sections and campaigns in one canvas.
  • Improved Navigation: Flow GPT's use of a canvas system and its mini-map features make navigation around the platform much more user-friendly than other chatbot tools.

Limitations of Flow GPT

The free version of Flow GPT has some limitations:

  • Limited AI Word Count: Users are only allowed 20,000 AI words on the free version.
  • Limited Document Count: Users can only create a limited number of documents.


Overall, Flow GPT is an excellent chatbot tool that offers users structure, logical consistency, and improved navigation capabilities. It is also a suitable platform for different professions. Although the free version has some limitations, the platform makes up for them with the many features that it provides. Flow GPT is an excellent choice for anyone looking to integrate chatbot conversations into their daily workflow and simplify their chatbot development process.

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